Submit Your Wedding

We love to feature real weddings and creative innovative beautiful inspiration editorials on Tweedly Madly Deeply. There needs to be a strong country theme be that the location, styling or otherwise, to ensure it is truly relevant to our audience.

If you would like your own wedding featured on the site we ask that you please ask your photographer to make the submission on your behalf. This ensures we have the correct permissions to use the images in addition to the correct image sizes.

We actively encourage those submitting to think outside the box for editorial submissions, both in terms of styling but also editorial ‘norms’. Every wedding and every couple is different, we want Tweedly Madly Deeply to reflect that diversity. We do also accept mini editorial shoots as long as the styling is relevant and sufficiently detailed in relation to the suppliers that are involved. This is a U.K. focused site therefore in general only U.K. and Eire submissions will be accepted but if a strong enough  relevance international submissions will be considered.

Submission Types

We accept a range of submissions not just the standard real weddings and editorial features. A non exhaustive list of potential subjects is:

  • Real Weddings
  • Editorial Inspiration Shoots
  • Opinion pieces
  • Innovative new supplier/product launches
  • Anything else interesting and relevant! Surprise us!

All the above submissions with the exception of opinion pieces should be supported with imagery wherever possible.

Submission Guidelines

We require a descrption of at least 300 words covering the feel and story of the wedding/shoot. Why do you think others would be inspired by your photos? Who were the important suppliers? What did they add? Real Wedding submissions if meeting initial criteria will be asked for a couple questionnaire to be completed. No real wedding will be accepted without it.

This should be accompanied along with 50 of the best images either supplied via dropbox or online gallery. Images should be 1024 pixels wide and provided in jpeg format with a maximum image size of 400kb. We also ask that images are named to include the venue and your name as the photographer We would suggest if exporting in Lightroom that your export settings look like the below;

The image selection should be detail heavy, but also tell the story of the day especially if a real wedding. We want to see beautiful creative images. We do have high standards for image quality but have no preference in editing styles. Light and Airy, film or otherwise, as long as it’s beautiful and fits the brief it will be accepted subject to a few technical exceptions. Blurry or soft images (unless a few within a set where it’s an obvious creative choice) will not be considered as they will not give our readers the chance to correctly appreciate the details involved.

We aim to feature a wide range of themes and subjects, therefore even if a submission meets all requirements, it may not be accepted if we have recently, or are scheduled to feature a similar submission in the near future.

Due to the number of submissions received we are not normally able to provide feedback on individual shoots. We aim to reply to all submissions within 2 weeks of submission (please note this may be longer over holiday periods), if you have not heard back within 2 weeks please check your junk mail, and if nothing there please feel free to drop us an email at

Once a submission is accepted a scheduled publication date will be provided. This date could be anything from a few days to a few months in the future and will depend on a number of factors including the subject, other scheduled shoots and the time of year. This date can be subject to change without notice but wherever possible we will stick to the advised schedule.

All suppliers featured in accepted submissions can proudly display our below badge

Exclusivity (or not!)


Unlike some other publications we do not require exclusivity for submissions. We ask that submissions have not been featured elsewhere within the last 3 months but preferably have not previously at all. The reason for the 3 months is to not spam the same editorial to brides at the same time over different platforms as it will lessen the reach and impact of the shoot.

For exclusive submissions we are happy for suppliers to share a sensible number of images prior to publication on their social media channels and portfolio portions of their websites. We actually actively encourage previews posts or sneak peeks in the run up to publication to help build up some buzz for the article itself.

We ask that they are not blogged on supplier sites for at least 2 months after publication on Tweedly Madly Deeply so not to adversely effect SEO. This only refers to blogs solely referencing the submission shoot and does not include blogs utilising imagery for alternative blog subjects. If in doubt please ask us.


Submission Terms & Conditions

1. The submitter confirms that they are the copyright holder and provide full permission for Tweedly Madly Deeply to use the provided imagery on it’s website and social media channels from the point of acceptance of the submission both for the intended submission and any other relevant article in the future for which the imagery would be suitable. Note if utilised in a different article the relevant suppliers would be credited as appropriate in addition to the photographer.

2. The submitter confirms that all parties pictured within the images agree to their image being featured on Tweedly Madly Deeply. They also confirm in the instance of real weddings that a questionnaire will be completed on request if their submission is accepted.

3. The submitter confirms that all necessary permissions as appropriate (for example land owner) were correctly obtained

3. The submitter confirms that for successful editorial submissions all contributors to the submission will share it on relevant social media channels. The submitter/photographer confirms that without this co-operation their submission may not reach the normally expected audience. The submitter also accepts that a lack of interaction may affect future submissions.

4. The submitter confirms that the submission is not currently in the process of being submitted to any other online wedding blogs, or that it has been published elsewhere online within the last 3 months. Submissions that have been previously featured  outside of this time will be considered especially if imagery not utilised by the original publication can be provided. Please advise if the submission has been featured anywhere else previously.


Submission Form

Has the submission been featured/published elsewhere online?

I confirm I am the copyright holder of the submitted images and have all relevant permissions of the involved parties

I confirm I agree to the terms and conditions as laid out above